jueves, junio 10, 2004

***Happy Birthday Glitterkids !***

Sii finalmente llegamos! , hoy se cumple 1 anio del nacimiento de Glitterkids*, asi que gracias a los que entraron, criticaron,se enojaron,acordaron o nos odiaron
its just the feedback what matters .glittergirls & glitterboys: happy birthday

Al igual que aquella calurosa tarde de hace 1 anio cuando desde mi college de Soho inaugurabamos este blog, voy a transcribir otro hermoso pasaje literario de hornby...

"...What has happened to Molly in her firs eight years?. More or less nothing. We have protected her from the world as best as we can. She has been brought up in a loving home, she has two parents, she has never been hungry, and she receives an education that will prepare her for the rest of her life, and yet... she is sad, and that sadness is not when you think about it, inappropiate. The state of the relationship between her parents makes her anxious, she has lost a loved one (and a cat); and she has realised that such losses are going to be an unavoidable part of her life in the future. It seems to me now that the plain state of being human is dramatic enough for anyone, you do not need to be an heroin addict or a performance poet to experience extremity, you just have to love someone..."

"How to be good" - Nick Hornby

love 4 all !